Ringing In The New Year with the Kids!

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New Year’s Eve can be a very exciting time for children.  They get to stay up late, and if they’re lucky countdown to midnight while doling party hats and noise makers.  Whether hosting guests, attending a party or just snuggling up with the fam at home, you’ll need a few activities to keep the little ones occupied.


A Party Hat Station

 What’s a party without the right accessories?  Set up a table with a few different craft materials and pre-made hats (either by you or from the store).Even have the kids make you a hat to wear.

 Party Hat station

  Hostess with the Mostess


Time Capsule

Have fun collecting memories from the past year and placing them in a box or jar so that you can reminisce next year at New Years.  This can become a fun family tradition for everyone.  You can even do one memory for each month of the year.



Pop and Play


How Does She ?

We found this idea over at How Does She ? and fell in love with it.  Start with activities written on strips of paper for each hour that you plan to do the countdown.  Insert each strip into separate balloons, blow them up and mark the hour of day for which they are to be popped.  Once that is done, tape them to the wall/pictures or string them to float and let the countdown begin.  

Here are some ideas to use for the activities:

Make a New Years Resolution Chart (Free Printable)

Eat a Treat

Play Balloon Volleyball

Turn on your favorite song and dance

Pick out your outfit for the first day of 2013

Call a relative and wish them a Happy New Year

Make a disco ball (How To)

Bake a batch of brownies



A Yearly Interview

Whether it’s on video or on a piece of paper (you can add to your time capsule), the kids will love this activity.  Each year you can look back and see how their answers have changed and better yet, share them with family and friends.

jackson 3


We came across the most amazing idea from Tried and True and Reaves, Party of Four that we can’t wait to implement it ourselves (it’s even a great idea for each child’s birthday).  All you need are 20 questions, a video camera or smartphone (if you plan on recording) and your sweet little angel.  This mom recorded her child’s interview, listed the questions and pictures from the year with a QR code so that anyone could scan it to pull up his interview.  Should you also go the route of posting the video online and sharing it, here is all you need to know about getting a QR code.



 We hope you have a Healthy and Happy New Year!

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