Milestones: Two Year Olds Emergent Literacy

image milestones twos Milestones: Two Year Olds Emergent Literacy

One of the most delightful conversations you can have is with a two year old. At this age you’ll notice three developmental milestones:


1. Two year olds repeat words:

Two year olds pay attention to what you say. Try talking to a two year old and you’ll notice that they love to repeat part or all of what you’ve said to them. They’ll repeat it often too, so be mindful of what you say. You’ll also observe understanding behind the repetition. They are using your words and sounds in context. Watch how quickly they pick up the meaning of “more” and “my turn!”


2. They take turns in conversation:

Two year olds are becoming polite little conversationalists. They pause to let you have a turn. If you’re slow picking up the pace of the conversation, they may ask questions too, imitating the way that you ask questions of them.



3. They attempt to sing songs:

Whether it is the “Alphabet Song” or the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” your two year old will sing without abandon. Continue to build literacy by singing often with your child and providing lots of children’s music in your automobile and household.



At home, you can further develop these natural milestones by talking to your child frequently, asking your child lots of questions, reading to your child daily or as often as possible, and by singing with your child and providing access to lots of sing-a-long opportunities.