November is “Time to Give Thanks” Month

november time for thanks1 November is Time to Give Thanks Month

With the Thanksgiving holiday approaching, there is no better time than now to recognize and thank all the wonderful parents, teachers, staff and children for all they do to make Childcare Network “The Working Parent’s Best Friend.”


With that being said, this is the perfect opportunity to teach children the importance of giving thanks. With the words “Please” and “Thank You” comes so much more than just the term. Children tend to learn these words at an early age but it’s our job as influential people in their lives to explain the true meaning of saying “Thank You.”


One simple task that school age children can participate in to show thanks is simply writing or saying what they are thankful for and why. Give the children a chance to explore. “I am thankful for my Mommy and Daddy.” Have the child explain why. Your feedback to the child should be positive and instill confidence.


Another fun activity to show thanks is creating a “Give Thanks Turkey Paper Craft.” You will need white or brown paper, scissors, glue and something to color with.



  • Download the template at
  • Print out the template of choice and color where appropriate.
  • Cut out all the pieces.
  • Have the children write what they are thankful for on one of the pieces of the tail.
  • Glue the pieces together in this order: Glue the head onto the body, glue the wobbler under the beak, glue the “Give Thanks” onto the front of the body, glue the wings onto the body, and finally glue the tail pieces behind the body.


This will be a fun craft that you can use to decorate the school and allow the children to show what they are thankful for.

november time for thanks2 November is Time to Give Thanks Month