Welcome to our New Schools!

image location map Welcome to our New Schools!Childcare Network is pleased to welcome 11 new schools to our family! Five of these are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of TX and 6 are in Oklahoma City, OK. Our schools in Texas were formerly owned by Children’s Palace. These schools were already providing great programs for children, so we were excited about the opportunity to add these locations to our other schools in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Since acquiring these schools in October of 2011, we have been busy with renovations, introducing the HighReach Curriculum, and making sure our new employees and families feel welcome. Welcome to our new Directors Stacey Gager, Teresa Boyd, Vicky Walker, Mindy Enriquez, and Jana Holmes as well as all the other staff at each of these schools.



image new schools11 Welcome to our New Schools!

Current Texas and Arkansas directors welcome our new Texas directors.

January 3, 2012 marked the first day of business for Childcare Network in the Oklahoma City area. Since January, we have been warmly welcomed by the staff and the families, and we are thrilled to report that we have already seen growth in this short amount of time. Many new staff have joined the ranks at Childcare Network. Among them are a new district manager, Priscilla Alley, and six new directors, April Bradbury, Kim Mungaven, Dana Jones-Irby, Leslie Hickox, Nancy Smith, and Camille Johnson. The Oklahoma team has already shown tremendous willingness and enthusiasm for the many great things that our company would like to see happen. These locations were formerly owned by New Horizons and were already providing high-quality education and care for its children and families. Bringing the Childcare Network formula for success to the Midwest can only mean good things for everyone.


image new schools2 Welcome to our New Schools!

Left to right: Kim Munghaven, CNI 200, Priscilla Alley, District Manager, Nancy Smith, CNI 203, April Bradbury, CNI 199, Camille Johnson, CNI 204, Dana Jones-Irby, CNI 201, Leslie Hickox, CNI 202

The transition process has been fast-paced and supported by onsite teams of directors and resource coordinators, all of who volunteered to leave their homes and schools and work in Texas or Oklahoma for at least a couple of weeks. Training on financial material and the Childcare Network way are underway, and we are moving forward every day. There is still so much left to do… but if there is anyone who can make magic happen, it’s the Childcare Network team! Thank you to the following people who were part of the transition teams in TX and OK- Dale Kalb, Cheri Pittman, Tara Dorsey, Tarsha Hall, Rodric Freeney, Donald Davis, Lorraine Garrison, Ivan Azamar, Haley Hughes, Aimee Newber, Cherron Williams, Freida Boulware, Kelly Price, Jaime Rechkemmer, and Pattie Smith.